Ray Mason Band – Missyouville



Format: CD
LabelChunk Records
Catalogue: CHD1014
Country: USA
Year: 1996 (?)

Condition: New 

Still sealed.

01. Big Hug
02. My Lips Are Lonely
03. A Flurry Of Coasts
04. Summer Kind Of Thing
05. Missyouville
06. Excitement Transfusion
07. If There's Ever A Way
08. Evil On Your Mind
09. Everybody's Into Their Own
10. Hitchhiking In The Land Of No Cars
11. Flow Producer
12. Up Among The Rafters
13. Step Back Melody
14. Washed In Cold Water And Hung Out To Dry
15. Down In The Night

Collections: 1990s, American Artists, CD

Category: Album, CD, New

Type: CD (Jewel Case)

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