Green Circles – Get On The Outside Of This

Sexy Diablo


Format: CD
LabelSexy Diablo Records
Country: Australia
Year: 2001

Condition: New

Released on Sexy Diablo 2001. Manufactured In Australia through Disk-Edits Pty.

01. I'm So Glad
02. Bucket Full Of Nothing
03. 9:50
04. In Her Own Time
05. Wunderkind
06. Kiss The Moon
07. Do You Sing?
08. Taste Of Black
09. She Breathes
10. Paper Scissors Rock
11. Double O Eyes
12. Make The Night
13. Wooden Spoon
14. Averted Eye Girl
15. Stephanie Comes

A great debut album from 4 piece outfit Green Circles, who come out of South Australia, where there have been more than a few very good bands. For comparison's sake, probably you'd get the best picture by thinking Happy Mondays crossed with The Beatles, if you can imagine that, but think good guitar driven pop & you're heading in the right direction.

The whole album will definitely hold your interest I reckon from start to finish & songs like 'Bucket Full Of Nothing' & 'Paper Scissors Rock', as well as 'Do You Sing?' are all attention grabbers, but the closing number 'Stephanie Comes', a slightly quieter effort in general, really steals the show for my liking. Certainly a great debut effort & I think they'll garner a lot of fans with this album.

January 2002

Collections: 2000s, Australian Artists, CD

Category: Album, CD, New

Type: CD (Jewel Case)

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